Acne & Congested Skin

Managing the symptoms of Acne & Congested Skin often requires more than one type of treatment over a period of time. The treatments offered at our Buckinghamshire clinic aim to address the various factors that cause acne. This includes:

  • Moderate chemical peeling – to unblock and decongest
  • Topical home-care of Retinoids – to subdue sebaceous glands
  • Laser or light therapy (laser genesis) to destroy bacteria and reduce inflammation
  • All the above also promote wound healing to reduce scars and blemishes

What Will the Treatment Do For Me?

Acne Treatments High Wycombe
Before and after Acne Treatment

Waking up every morning to find yet another spot has appeared can be very demoralising and can knock a dent in your self-confidence. Managing and reducing the breakouts will put you back in control and restore a smoother, clearer skin.

The Technology

Clarifying Acne Treatment

A special mixture consisting of a unique blend of deep penetrating Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids, Retiniol and antiseptic ingredients. This detoxifying epidermal treatment cuts through excess oil to decongest pores and clarify oily blemish prone skin.

One treatment will result in improvement and can be repeated as necessary every few weeks.

Light/Laser Therapy

Various types of therapeutic light sources can have a beneficial effect on reducing bacteria deep in the sebaceous glands and help improve scars and inflammation.

This type of light therapy delivers low energy, is very comfortable and does not require ‘downtime’ afterwards. You can have this alongside a Purity treatment.


Skincare that contains ingredient blends specially formulated to reduce breakouts and best manage and minimise breakouts when they occur. The potent formulas produced by Cosmedix and Image skincare brands can effectively keep you in control of your skin daily.

The Facts

Acne treatment Buckinghamshire

Acne is a symptom caused by hormone imbalance, where the male hormones are activating the sebaceous glands. Some people find out what the triggers are for their breakouts, often stress, but for a lot of people, it is unexplained.

Treatments on offer here can cause significant improvements, but do not eliminate the root cause.

Other solutions such as Contraceptive pill and Medical treatment such as Roaccutane are options to consider, but require a consultation with a medical professional.

Acne Treatment Results