Leg Vein Treatment

Do you hide your legs because of visible veins showing through your tights or fake tan?

Visible surface leg veins can safely be treated using a laser at our Buckinghamshire clinic. 

Leg Vein Treatment Buckinghamshire

The veins can mostly clear over a period of several months and may need as little as just one treatment, but may require one or two top up treatments a few months later.

Laser treatment for veins is most suitable for superficial red or purple vein flares or clusters. Varicose veins cannot be treated using this laser.

What Will It Do For Me?

Sometimes those more visible veins can still show through fake tan and hosiery, or simply just bother you a bit each time you see them. After laser treatment, you can see them gradually fade, leaving clearer looking legs! 

If you’re looking to feel more confident on your beach holiday, or just want to be more comfortable to wear dresses and shorts, then you ideally need to be planning your leg vein treatment about 2 or 3 months in advance to allow plenty of time for the veins to clear after the treatment.

The Treatment/Technology

Using Cynosure NdYAG Laser, individual veins are targeted that cause them to heat and break down. Over the following weeks and months, the body gradually reabsorbs the treated veins.

Aestheticians and doctors have used laser for treating veins for many years and is a well-established procedure. Although there is some mild discomfort, the treatment is well tolerated by most people with very little after effects to manage.

The Facts/Need To Know

Although we expect an average of 70% improvement of the appearance of veins after 1 to 3 treatments, not all veins will be successfully treated. Other treatment methods, such as Sclerotherapy may be a more suitable type of treatment, or may be used before laser treatment.

Sometimes new veins may appear later around the treated area. These can also then be treated with the laser.

Bruising is common and to be expected when treating leg veins, which can take a week or so to resolve. We will discuss all aspects of the treatment in your consultation.

Before & After Leg Vein Treatments

How to find out more details

For more detailed information, you can ask a question by sending us an email or book in for a consultation where everything can be explained to you. Before going ahead with a full treatment, you are required to first have a consultation and the areas to be treated with a small test area first.