Pigmentation & Brown Mark Treatments

Pigmentation spots can be reduced or removed in just one or two sessions at our High Wycombe clinic using laser or IPL. Results are long lasting or until the skin is exposed to the sun again.

Brown patches on the face or body can suddenly appear with age, pregnancy or after sun exposure. Treatments and products for lightening brown patches (pigmentation) aim to reduce the pigment marks and control the skin’s pigment cells whilst renewing the skin. 

Face Sun Damge Freckles Pigmentation

The best treatment for your pigment marks depends on the cause and type of the pigmentation. For lighter skin types with sun spots, age spots or freckle spots, we suggest either IPL or Laser to gently break up the pigments, giving a long-lasting clearing effect. Some types of pigment are easier to treat than others. For example, hormonal pregnancy patches are much more difficult to clear than freckled sun damage. 

Some types of hormonal pigmentation, such as Melasma are more suited to be treated with chemical peels combined with use of specially formulated skincare can help to manage and even out the skin colour. Microneedling carried out with special pigment lightening serums can also help to reduce some types of pigment marks.

What will it do for me?

You may love your freckles moles and birthmarks as it’s all part of you, however if you are striving for a smooth clear complexion and are quite self-conscious about your pigmentation spots or just find them annoying, you will be pleased to know there are treatments available to help fade or reduce hyperpigmentation and freckle spots.

A fresh tan can at first give the appearance of a healthy sun-kissed glow, but over time if you have tanned many times or when the tan starts to fade, you may feel your skin is looking a bit tired, dull and patchy leaving sun damage pigmented freckle spots or ‘age spots’ as they are sometimes called.

The IPL or Laser treatment will not only fade or remove the dark pigments, leaving a clearer, more uniform skin tone, but will also give your collagen a boost, resulting in a more youthful plumped dewy complexion, softening lines and wrinkles and tightening pores.

Skin will look clearer and more even toned, with less makeup required to mask patches. 

The Treatment/Technology

There are two types of technology that can be used:

The Cynosure Elite laser has the Alexandrite that, when used in a short pulsed mode, can target individual pigment marks.

IPL – Intense Pulsed Light

The Viora IPL system. This is a high quality powerful IPL (Intense Pulse light) system that delivers green and yellow light that effectively interacts with the pigments, whilst also delivering red and infrared light to boost collagen.

IPL is usually used to treat larger areas such as the chest, decolletage, arms and hands. Initially, the pigments become darker, then after a few days, the brown marks shed off naturally. 

LASER – Cynosure Short Pulsed Alexandrite – We use this precise laser with a smaller beam to specifically and accurately target individual pigment spots. Similar as with the IPL, the pigment marks will become darker after being treated, then gradually shed off over a few days.

CHEMICAL PEELS will exfoliate the build up of pigmented skin, leaving the skin clearer and smoother. Peeling agents come in many different strengths and formulas, so the appropriate strength and depth of treatment can be selected for you. 

HOME USE PRODUCTS: Specially formulated Lightning serums and creams can help to gradually fade brown patches and even out the skin tone. These need to be used regularly over a period of time. IQ Skin & Laser offer Fusion, Glo Skin Beauty and Image skincare for their high concentration of active ingredients.

Treatment Results

The Facts/Need To Know

For more detailed information, you can download the consultation form that explains how the treatment works and what to expect and the possible side effects to be aware of. 

You can also ask a question by sending us an email or book in for a consultation where everything can be explained to you.

Before going ahead with a full treatment, you are required to first have a consultation and the areas to be treated with a small test area first.

All types of pigmentation are sensitive to sunlight and will darken when exposed to the sun. Use of lightening serums may help reduce the colour, but pigment patches often reoccur during the summer or during holidays in hot places.