Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

  • Reaction Radiofrequency is a non-invasive, deep acting treatment ideal for improving loose or ageing skin, especially around the lower face and neck. It will firm smooth and tighten the face and neck contour and improve the appearance of lines around the forehead and eyes.
  • To improve the appearance of heavy sagging jowls and under chin fat pad, Reaction combines the use of radiofrequency (RF) energy with vacuum massage. Tone and Contour is improved (Reaction can also be used for body tightening…)
  • You will feel and notice an effect after just one treatment with continued results throughout a 6 to 9 treatment program.
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What Will Radiofrequency Do For Me?

If you have been thinking about a facelift or have pulled your skin back when looking in the mirror and feel you just need a bit of a lift but are not ready to go under the knife, Radiofrequency is definitely a treatment to seriously consider.

As featured in the Daily Express and Alan Titchmarsh Show presented by Nadine Baggott, Beauty Editor of Hello!

Treatments are very comfortable and allow you to continue normal daily activities immediately afterwards.

The Treatment/Technology

Radiofrequency is a safe type of energy that enables effective heating of the dermis and adipose Reaction RF deep tissue heating is ideal for instant deep tissue stimulation.

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Heating the dermis and deep skin layers causes existing collagen fibres to shrink and tighten

Sometimes Vacuum suction is also used for deeper tissue heating if we want to target volume in the lower face. Microcirculation is increased so that oxygen and nutrients are concentrated in the treated area 

The effect continues working for some weeks after the treatment as cells in the dermis (fibroblasts) are stimulated to make new collagen, which is formed over several weeks & months. This results in a smoother, tighter skin, improves lines, wrinkles and skin tone and texture.

FDA approved and used by doctors and aesthetic practitioners extensively around the world, including America, Europe and the Middle and Far East. 

Before & After Radiofrequency Treatments

The Facts/Need To Know

Results are progressive and will vary depending on your age. After menopause, more treatment may be required because of the greater volume loss often noticed in the skin. 

Reaction Radiofrequency treatment is suitable for most people. 

However, it is not suitable if you have particular medical conditions such as Type 1 Diabetes, have suffered from DVT or heart conditions. Some medications may mean it is best not to have treatment. For more details, go to the fact sheet.

How to find out more details

For more detailed information about radiofrequency treatments at our Hight Wycombe Clinic, you can ask a question by sending us an email or book in for a consultation where everything can be explained to you.

Before going ahead with a full treatment, you are required to first have a consultation and the areas to be treated with a small test area first.