Tixel/Mesotix – Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Safe and effective skin resurfacing treatment to improve the appearance of wrinkles, reduces pore size, skin smoothing, improving texture pigment and scars also giving a skin firming effect. Tixel Mesotix treatment can take away years of damage in just one session.

Mesotix, part of the Novoxel Tixel series, is the most recent technology developed for skin resurfacing; superseding the traditional fractional laser resurfacing methods such as CO2.

Tixel or Mesotix is NOT a laser and NOT radiofrequency, but is a simple and effective heat delivery referred to as TMA (Thermal Ablative Technology). Intense heat is delivered via a set of cone shaped protrusions that precisely remove tiny fractions of skin surface in a controlled way.

The recovery time is very quick compared to other fractional laser resurfacing treatments, with only a few days of mild to moderate downtime.

Benefits of Tixel

In just a few days you can enjoy the benefits of smooth, more radiant and younger looking skin, you will be amazed at how such a big improvement can be achieved in such a short time. Enjoy less make -up and natural glowing skin

  • Tixel/Mesotix Ablative Resurfacing: The new generation of skin resurfacing technology that supersedes the traditional laser resurfacing methods because of the relatively fast recovery time and simplicity of the treatment. Where previous technology would require at least a week or two of significant recovery, Mesotix treatment requires only 3 – 5 days of moderate recovery, 2 days of redness and 3 – 5 days of dry skin. Significant results can be achieved on deeper lines and wrinkles, skin texture and tightening effect 
  • Tixel/Mesotix Eyelid Treatment – Non surgical eyelid tightening. At last we have a safe and effective treatment for treating the eye area, usually an area we cannot treat with other methods. For both upper and lower eyelids. 3 – 5 days recovery. 1 – 3 treatments over 3 to 6 months.

How Tixel Works

Mesotix Machine

Introduced to the UK by aesthetic dermatologist, Dr Harryono, who was so impressed with the results of Tixel he discontinued using his much loved CO2 laser and even got rid of his fractional RF machine. Tixel is now used by many of the top aesthetic doctors in the industry, including Dr Tracy Mountford and Dr Tapan Patel, with Tixel being used in over 60 countries around the world and now available on your doorstep in Marlow Buckinghamshire.

Before & After Treatment

How to find out more details

For more detailed information, you can ask a question by sending us an email or book in for a consultation where everything can be explained to you.

Before going ahead with a full treatment, you are required to first have a consultation and the areas to be treated with a small test area first.